Warnings for this Trip :

Not suitable for those who have time to travel for several days, because this is a one day trip.
Not suitable for people who suffer from fear as this might have a risk of death.

This dangerous trip is a one day trip that we would highly recommend, as you will see a new perspective of this market here only in Thailand. They call this place Maeklong Railway Market as this market is very different to any other market in Thailand. As soon as the sound of train whistles blows, all merchants at the market will work together on folding up their umbrellas and hastily gather up everything that is near the train tracks in just the blink of an eye, in order to open the way to Mae Klong Trains that are passing by. It will be a familiar sight when you come visit one amazing Thailand‘s tourist sites and it’s not easy for sellers to put away their baskets, but this is a fascinating highlight of this market.

Maeklong Railway Market

The Market on the Railway (or the Maeklong Railway Market) is right next to Mae Klong Railway Station, which is the rail from Ban Laem – Mae Klong. The goods are on both sides of the track which the length of this is more than 100 meters. Also the customers use the railway track to walk on for shopping on both sides, so it’s not easy to fold the umbrella up and down and take away from the railway yard in just a few minutes, and the train is a short line, so they would need to display the product again immediately for customers.

When the train arrives at the corner before entering into the market, the train driver will blow his whistle very loud as a signal to tell the merchants to pack up. As soon as the train has passed through, all the umbrellas and products will be laid back out successfully and this is the attractions and excitement that visitors can feel. When there are no trains passing by, it would be a usual moment for everyone.

This place is very attractive and making tourists want to come and see this for themselves, at the same time they can experience the exciting atmosphere when hearing the train whistling to signal and say that it is coming … get ready now!

Maeklong-Railway-Market-2At present, the Railway of Thailand has routed Wongwian Yai- Mahachai- Ban Laem – Mae Klong to be the path for travelling, but if you want to experience the market you must come at the right time as the train runs through the market round about 8 rounds a day at the following time 06.20am, 08.30am, 09.00am, 11.10am, 11.30am, 14.30pm, 15.30pm and 17.40pm so please pick a time which is convenient for you.

For those who like to take pictures with beautiful lighting, we suggest you should arrive a little bit early because the sun is not too strong in the morning and is ideal for people who want to capture the lifestyle of the locals.

Besides the thrill, the market also has a wide variety of products to choose from such as Mackerel fish, fresh seafood from Mae Klong, Thai dessert and seasonal fruits and they also have plenty of dried foods. The famous food from this place, which visitors must purchase is Mae Klong Mackerel fish or Mackerel frown neck; the flesh is sweet and so delicious like no other fish and is considered to be the ultimate Mackerel fish in Thailand.

Getting to the Maeklong Railway Market :

Train: Starting from the Wongwian Yai station, get down to Mahachai and from Mahachai take the boat to the opposite side , which is Tha Chalom, to get the train from the Ban Laem station to Mae Klong station (destination). It takes approximately an hour to arrive. We now have a free train service and if you are at the last car then look through the end of the train and when the train passes the Mae Klong market, look back and you will see everybody rushing to put up the market again.

Passenger van services: Transport Co. Ltd. has services from Bangkok – Samut Songkhram to the market, from the Southern terminal station around at 05.50am – 21.00pm. For further information please call 02-435-1199 or go to www.transport.co.th or you can take the van to Victory Monument then take the passengers van service from here to Mae Klong and there they will leave every hour to go down to Mae Klong.

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