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Trip to Kanchanaburi : The magic of nature, adventurer’s paradise at Kanchanaburi

Trip to Kanchanaburi : The magic of nature, adventurer’s paradise at Kanchanaburi


Experience a great pleasure, the magic of nature, adventurer’s paradise at Kanchanaburi

If you are thinking about adventure trip or water tourism activity in Thailand. I give here is the one, Kanchanaburi and will tell you for an adventure person. Prepare yourself; this may make you not want to go home.

Kanchanaburi is a land of nature, species-rich forests, caves hall, waterfalls and cultural tradition, multiethnic diversity of people living together. Make this looks interesting and if you do not have the amazing experience here. I would say you are unfortunate.

The incident reminded me to come here is the famous during World War 2 when Japan decided to build a strategy railway line and that made me want to experience the path called. “Death Railway“, the real name called Krasae Cave station. This is the most amazing view. Those photographers were waiting to collect a beautiful shot when the train is moving along the mountain curve called “Death Curve” is the most thrilling ride, free for all rounds, savings a lot of money. It’s also close to Bangkok just two-hour ride.

This is an example of one of my trips that I would recommend for you.

Let’s get started….

We start from Bangkok set coordinates to Sai Yok district and begin to experience the adventure by riding the train, Death Railway at Krasae Cave station to collect highlight shots of the iron horse along the cliffs. If you want to ride this awesome line should start at the Krasae Cave station to Suansaiyok or from Suansaiyok to Krasae Cave (about 08.00. and 14.30).

Most visitors start at Suansaiyok. It is adjacent to the Krasae cave station and probably checks in there. From Suansaiyok we can walk along the railway to the Krasae cave, the distance about 200 meters if you like a convenience you can stay at Suansaiyok.

But for this trip we will not stay at Suansaiyok, let’s go ride the train and see the beauty of the Krasae cave only. When exposed to the Death Railway train. Stomachs began hungry; we planned to eat lunch in a local restaurant order Thai local or international cuisine menus all of them are so delicious (If you are not used to Thai food, I recommend T-bone steak, Sirloin Steak, selected only premium grade beef. If you want to try Thai food, I recommend a delicious mushroom salad, do not tell anyone).

When we are full, we’re greeting with a big long trunk at Wang Pho Elephant camp. I highly recommend the fun activities here. Bathing the elephants, then you get a little closer to the elephant which is the national animal of Thailand.

Do not worry, it will get wet in the bath elephants. The next place we are going to swim at the Sai Yok Yai waterfall, beautiful you have to feel it. The summer destination trip and then it’s a time to jump into water sizzle zooms.

After splashing some fun we feel exhausted. Let’s find a great casual place on the night of adventure on the first day. I was told that on a visit to Kanchanaburi should find the atmosphere in this place. The river rafting that’s what I thought. The Floathouse River Kwai, the luxurious floating resort is the best answer, swinging a swing at a scenic river and mountain views, happy as you are among the small castles that you can experience the waterfront.

Here is an example of a tour on the first day of the tour only. To be better I suggest staying at Kanchanaburi 3 days and 2 nights, you will experience a great value and do not regret a visit to Kanchanaburi.

For the trip in day 2, you may not believe how we enjoy it. If you do not experience it yourself, take pictures with tigers, have fun with the water players in the Srinagarindra dam. It’s very funny. Thai tourists gave the name as “Fresh Water Maldives”

Sorry for adventure on the 2nd and 3rd days. I did not tell you but I guarantee you this much “It was awesome” I want you to try yourself.

Traveling to Kanchanaburi


Regular and air-conditioned buses of the Transport Co. and the Private Bangkok – Kanchanaburi, Bangkok – Three Pagodas Pass leave the Southern Bus Station, Borommaratchachonnani road everyday many rounds. It takes about 2 hours to Kanchanaburi. For more information, call the transportation company Tel. 1490 www.transport.co.th or Kanchanaburi Tour Tel. 0-3451-1552.


There is a train to Sai Yok waterfall trip 2 times per day 07.50 and 13.55 start at Bangkok Noi station. More information 0-2411-3102(Bangkok Noi Train Station or call 1,690 or www.railway.com)


There is a van from Victory Monument to Kanchanaburi near the Century the Movie Plaza Rd opposite the Rajavithi hospital.

Journey in Kanchanaburi

When arrive to Kanchanaburi, has its own bus service to other districts comfortably. For more information on Kanchanaburi Bus Station please call Tel. 0-3451-5907. The distance from downtown to the districts is as following brief description. Tha Muang 12km, Sai Yok 50km, Si Sawat 102 km, Thong Pha Phum 145 km and Sangkhla Buri 230 km.

Important Phone Numbers

Tourist Police Tel. 1699

Tourist Assistance Center Tel. 1155

Tourism Authority of Thailand Central Region 1 (Kanchanaburi) Tel. 0-3451-1200

Kanchanaburi Bus Station Tel. 0-3451-5907

Kanchanaburi Railway Station Tel. 0-3451-1285

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