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Toronto’s Most Unique and Unusual Eateries
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Toronto’s Most Unique and Unusual Eateries


After a long flight to Toronto, there’s little doubt that the first thing on your mind will be putting your feet up and grabbing a bite to eat. Toronto is home to Greektown, an area with the highest concentration of restaurants per kilometer in the entire world, so it’s not difficult to get a great bite to eat in this eclectic city. If you have a taste for something a little more unusual than the typical fare, Toronto is more than equipped to meet your every need. Here are just a few of my favorite weird and wonderful eateries in TO.

toronto-dining-sultans-tentThe Sultan’s Tent

You might have only just arrived in the city, but if you can’t resist the heat of the Middle East, The Sultan’s Tent will more than fulfill your every desire. The Sultan’s Tent is split into two sections; one simply goes by the name the Sultan’s Tent and features an atmosphere reminiscent of a harem, along with belly dancing beauties and divan booths draped in bright silks and pillows: the other half of the restaurant is Café Moroc which feels more like Rick’s Café from Casablanca.

Parts and Labour


Parts and Labour is the latest collaboration between famed interior designers Castor Design Group and Chef “Matty” Matheson. Simple, no-nonsense food and communal style seating give Parts and Labour a hip, sociable vibe. Downstairs live artists perform in the “The Shop” making Parts and Labour more of a hipsters hangout than a conventional eatery.



The raw food movement has certainly gathered steam in recent years and Rawlicious celebrates this growing trend. Covering every dietary requirement imaginable, from vegans to celiacs, not a single part of Rawlicious diverse menu is cooked which might surprise you once you taste its full, rich flavors in dishes such as raw food lasagna and tacos. Whether you’re a raw food fanatic or just fancy trying something new, Rawlicious’s got you covered.

O. Noir

No list of weird Toronto restaurants would be complete without mentioning O.Noir – Canada’s only “dine in the dark” restaurant. O.Noir invites diners to experience its menu without the aid of their sight, allowing them to focus on their sense of taste. Menu favorites include grilled octopus with olive oil and lime and five-spice filet mignon, but for the true O.Noir experience you should choose the “surprise main dish” and wait to be wowed!

Charlie’s Burgers


Described by locals as an “anti-restaurant”, Charlie’s Burgers is as exclusive as it gets. Before you are allowed to visit, you have to register your interest on the Charlie’s Burgers website and fill in a questionnaire. You then go on a list and if you’re selected as one of the restaurant’s exclusive patrons you will be sent a list of instructions about where to find it and given a password to get in. Charlie’s Burgers is staffed by guest chefs creating bespoke menus with unusual ingredients, including dishes such as Iglukik Walrus Mac and Cheese and Ceviche of Narwal and Muktaq. It doesn’t get much weirder than Charlie’s Burgers!

Celeste lives in Toronto where she blogs about all the exciting and unusual things to do and see in the city for flights to Toronto specialist Canada Travel Services.


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