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Top Productivity Apps On Android For Travelling

Top Productivity Apps On Android For Travelling


4742634430_ae378fe5f7If you sometimes work online or otherwise work from home, or if you run your own business, then going on holiday can cost more than just the price of the hotel and flights. The reason for this is that you may not be able to work during your stay in another location which can mean that you have to take two weeks’ pay out of your salary too – there’s no paid leave for the self employed.
More seriously still, if you own your own business and it continues to operate without you – then you risk something going wrong without your being there to put it right and this can cost you a lotmore than just two weeks’ worth of pay.

The solution of course is to find ways that you can work while you’re out there, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by turning your smartphone or tablet into a mobile office. Thankfully the Android OS supports a vast range of different apps that can help you to make and edit documents as well as to work in various other ways. Here we will look at some of the best apps on the market for you to take with you so that you can continue to work abroad.

QuickOffice Pro: Quick Office Pro is arguably the best full Word Processor in the Play Store. The other contender is DocumentsToGo, but while this is good too it doesn’t offer a spell check which is a big oversight. With either though you’ll be able to open and save documents in multiple formats, insert and create tables, use advanced formatting and generally do most of what you need to.
Panel Writer: Panel Writer meanwhile is another app that can be highly useful for anyone who needs to work on the go. It’s a text editor that lets you save .doc files, though unfortunately it doesn’t support tables or formatting yet. What it does do though is to allow you to edit txt while at the same time browsing the web and looking at various sites on the same screen. This is invaluable if you need to write notes from a website or if you want to use quotes in your documents.
OnLive Desktop: As we’re focussing on Word Processing options, OnLive Desktop is a great option for anyone who wants to work with the familiar MS Office suit that they know and love. This is a very smart piece of software that works by allowing you to control a server over the cloud that’s running Word and Windows 7 meaning that as long as you have a WiFi connection you can use your tablet literally like a mini PC. Currently it sadly only supports tablet-sized devices (though there are ways around this).
Splashtop Remote: This is one of the very best PC remotes out there that is so good that you can even watch DVDs playing on your laptop through your phone with sound and a high-enough frame rate. The connection isn’t fast or stable enough for Word Processing (OnLive is better for that) but it’s very useful if you have a WiFi connection and you need to get something off of your PC at home (you’ll need to ask someone back there to turn it on for you though).
OverSkreen: Another option for multitasking like Panel Writer is OverSkreen which is a web browser in a resizable Window meaning that you can open it up to fill half the screen while you write using whichever other piece of software you want.
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