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Sangkhla Buri – Destination for travelers who like simplicity

Sangkhla Buri – Destination for travelers who like simplicity


There are lots of stories to be told here in Kanchanaburi that sometimes makes you fed up of the stories here. This charming town of Kanchanaburi has never got me bored or let me down.

I would like to recommend a location in Kanchanaburi if you prefer the serene lifestyle and want to experience the life without technology; Sangkhla Buri is a place you have to visit at least once in a life time.

Sangkhla Buri is one of the top tourist destinations district in Kanchanaburi and a destination of travelers who like simplicity to experience new culture. The district is far away from town in Kanchanaburi; it about 200 kilometers apart, so it’s not easy to get to, and if anyone has a chance to go and visit, we want you to enjoy Sangkhla Buri as well.

What’s not to be missed when visiting Sangkhla Buri

SangkhlaburiMon Bridge or Bridge of Faith, is the best destination that you should visit once in a life time -walk on the longest wooden bridge in Thailand with a length of 1 km. The bridge is built for Thai, Karen and Mon people to pass by each other and more importantly, you should get some pictures with the pots or trays placed on the Mon’s head as a memento. If you’re not embarrassed, I recommend trying to transform into a Mon to blend in with the village for a day (There is lots of Mon clothing for rent for a day; it’s very easy to find).

An activity that should be done in conjunction with a walk on the bridge in the morning, is to cross over the bridge to offer food to the monks at Mon’s village. The monks will walk in a line around 6:30am and do not worry about preparing foods, as there will be resident’s nearby for you to buy things.

If you are feeling hungry, let’s look at the Mon’s food where you have to try them all which are Kanom Chin, Banana peppers, and curry are the authentic dishes you should try.

Another highlight of the Sangkhla buri district is a cruise down the river to see the underwater Temple Wat Wang Wiwekaram (old temple), which is submerged under water. After the Ministry of Electricity had built the Khuean Khao Laem, it became a major tourist attraction and other than being the best tourist attraction in Sangkhla Buri, it has also been praised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for this to be the Unseen Thailand.

You can rent a boat for visiting the city from the bridge or from the resorts. There are many boats for hire, and the boats are available at 300 baht per one boat; one boat can hold about 5-7 people (Tip: The temple is visible around March and April only because of the receeding water during summer).

Sangkhlaburi2Opposite the Temple Wat Wang Wiwekaram is the old temple of the King, it was abandoned when the King moved the city of Sangkhla Buri. The temple is located on a small hill but not submerged and in the temple there is a statue of a Buddha that is in good condition. You can explore more after a visiting the underwater city by paying 100 baht more to the boat driver.

Not just a sense of peace, Sangkhla Buri is filled with adventurous activities that you need to try and the ones I would suggest are…

Riding the Elephants: While riding elephants here you will see Mon, Myanmar and Thai cultural influence and abundace of nature.

Rafting: This is very popular with tourists.

Songkalia: Perfect for visitors to stay. Its houses are tied to a large raft in the middle of the water.

I would say that Sangkhla Buri is a charming city of water and the beauty of cultures that is rare to see. From the famous beaches of Koh Samui, Phuket, or Pattaya city, ad infamous Bangkok, if you simply change your destination, you will find out that Thailand is beautiful and has much more for you to enjoy.

Getting to Sangkhla Buri

When you arrive in Kanchanaburi (The ride from Bangkok – Kanchanaburi takes about 2 hours), then, from Kanchanaburi – Thong Pha Phum – Sangkhla Buri and get off here at Sangkhla Buri station, this takes up about 4 hours to travel from the city of Kanchanaburi to Sangkhla Buri. Then take the motorbike (10 baht) to Songkalia Resort and the van from Asia Sai Yok Den Rod Co., Ltd., located in the city (Fares for air conditioned minivan 118 Baht, 151 Baht for air conditioned big van). The departure time is from 7:30 to 16:30 pm, set out every 1 hour. Traveling time is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes and from the Sangkhla Buri station, take the motorcycle ride at 10 baht to your accommodation.

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