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How to Keep Your Energy Levels Up on Long Journeys
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How to Keep Your Energy Levels Up on Long Journeys


5535489433_e171f4383eIf you’re going on a road trip or a business trip and you need to drive then this can be a comfortable and efficient way to get to your destination quickly. However at the same time it can also potentially be very tiring, and if you start to find your energy levels lagging or your concentration slipping then this can be highly dangerous and increase your chances of having an accident. Here we will look at how to avoid this being the case and to make sure your energy stays high all the way through the journey.
Have a Co-Pilot: If you are going on a very long journey with a group of friends or business partners then it’s only fair – and sensible – that you take it in turns to drive so that no one person has to be in the driver’s seat the entire time. Even if they don’t swap with you regularly you can have them on standby to make sure that they are there if you need them.

Have Passengers: And even if they don’t drive, just having someone in the front seat can still be a big help. The reason for this is that it will mean you have someone to talk to. Ever been tired and miserable and felt like staying in – only to go out and meet people and have a great time? Interacting with others has that effect and it’s very good to be able to chat to someone.
Don’t Divide Your Attention: That said speaking to someone on the phone is not such a good idea. It might seem like a good way to get the same interaction that could wake you up, but the problem is that it requires more attention than chatting to someone who is in the car. You only have a finite out amount of attention and if you are dividing this between driving and talking/operating a phone then that won’t last as long.

Sleep Well: Not while driving of course…! But before you leave make sure you are as well rested and as awake as possible. If you had a bad night’s sleep the night before, or are feeling unwell, then put the journey off for a while and have a rest until such time as you do feel more awake and alert.

Coffee: This is the old favourite for extending our concentration and it does work well. Have yourself a big cup of coffee before you leave, and if you find yourself feeling tired during the journey then have another one to wake yourself up.
Breaks: Take as many breaks as you need during the journey. In fact even if you feel perfectly alert and awake it’s still a good idea to take a few breaks and stop at a service station as otherwise you can end up staring into middle distance and not being as alert as you think you are.

Fresh Air: Opening the driver-side window to get a big gust of air is a great way to freshen yourself up and give yourself a boost.
Up-Tempo Music: It works in the gym, and the same goes for driving. Have some rock music on or something else with a steady beat and you’ll be less likely to start dozing off.
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