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Located at the tip of Fuerteventura is Corralejo. While the town was founded as a fishing village, in the early seventies, when tourists began descending upon the Canary Islands in their droves, the area very quickly established a reputation as one of the ‘premier’ locations on the island. This is due to the fabulous beaches that it boasts. Since then, Corralejo has gone from strength to strength, and has now developed into somewhat of a resort, attracting thousands upon thousands of tourists each and every year.

Getting to Corralejo

Since this is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Fuerteventura, there are several shuttle buses directly from the airport. You will not need to book these in advance, although you can save money if you do. From elsewhere on the island, there are buses operated by Tiadhe which will take you here. The times of these buses do vary, so you will need to do your research in advance. They should be operating on a regular basis.

What is there to do in and around Corralejo?

CorralejoAs Corralejo was originally one of the larger fishing villages on the Canary Islands, it makes sense that one of the main attractions is fishing. There are several charter boats which operate in the region. You will be able to purchase or rent fishing equipment from the various fishing stores in the area. Those who have been on the fishing trips around Corralejo report that they are some of the best that they have ever been on. Not only is looking back on the island gorgeous, but they were also able to net themselves a few decent catches.

If you do not fancy fishing, but still want to head out on the water, then there are several boat trips which operate for that purpose. They will take you on a tour around the area, often stretching well beyond Corralejo. Make sure you have your camera handy here as the views that you will be enjoying are stunning! There is even a submarine safari in the area which will allow you to see what lurks beneath those beautiful, blue waters.

Those who love to ‘kick back and relax’ will love the beautiful, sandy beaches that Corralejo boasts. While they do become packed during the summer months, owing to the reputation of the island as being a ‘tourist hub’, you should still be able to find yourself some space on them. That being said, even if you head to the Canary Islands during the ‘colder’ months, the beaches are still brilliant to relax on most of the time. There will also be very few screaming children about, which can really help to heighten the amount of fun you get!

While you are on the beaches, you will probably notice that there are several watersports that you will be able to engage in. This includes snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing. In fact, Corralejo is notorious for being a prime surfing location. There are plenty of courses for beginners here. This means that even if you have never hopped on a surfboard before, now is the time!

Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo
Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo

If you are the exploring type, then you will want to head to the ‘Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo’. This is a protected area which covers many of the sand dunes in Corralejo. Here, you will be able to see all manner of birds and lizards in their natural environment.

When the night begins to roll in, there are plenty of bars and clubs that you will be able to explore. Many of them have live music, good quality live music, which will entice you in. There are also a few comedy clubs which operate here. Although, if you are not a fan of the entertainment, there are also a few pubs that you can just kick-back and relax in.

When it comes to shopping, you have even more options to choose from. There is a regular market in the area, which is close to the water park. Here you will be able to pick up all sorts of trinkets, including a few local crafts. When the market is not in town, then you will have plenty of shops to explore, some of them are run by the largest brands in the world, so you can feel familiar with the products that they have on offer. Many of the main commercial districts should be within walking distance of your hotel. This means that you will not have to travel too far to track them down.

Finally, other entertainment options include cycling, hiking, quad bike riding, and bowling. Basically, you are never going to be short of things to do.


food in corralejoIn terms of food, you have plenty of places to explore too. Now, it is worth noting that one of the main reasons as to why Corralejo became so popular was down to the mass of English and Irish tourists heading to the town. A small number of these opted to stay and call the place their home. Nowadays, tourists from the same areas are still descending upon the area. This means that many of the more ‘populated’ locations tend to have dishes with an English-twist. However, if you look hard, then you will find several restaurants which offer food that is local to the region. Some of the best restaurants can be found around the harbor area. One of the ‘main highlights’ for many people here is the Altamarea restaurant. The food here is a fusion between Spanish and Italian, and it is absolutely sublime.

Remember, this is just a small selection of the things that you will be able to do while you are in Corralejo. Since Fuerteventura is a small island, you will also have the rest of the island to explore, even on the shortest of trips. Before you head out, we suggest that you pick up a decent guidebook. This way you will be able to see what you want to do. The more you plan in advance, the more likely you are to fit everything in.

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