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Canadian Family Vacation Resorts – Wonderland

Canadian Family Vacation Resorts – Wonderland


One of the most popular Canadian family amusement parks is Canada’s Wonderland which is located in Toronto, Ontario. The good thing about Wonderland is that there are attractions and rides for everyone in the family. There are certain ride requirements that need to be met, but you can view a full list of those on the Wonderland website. If you have never been to Wonderland before and you don’t know what to expect on your arrival, you should continue reading through our helpful planner.


When you first arrive to Wonderland you will need to find a parking spot which isn’t a problem because the lot is huge, but it you don’t want to walk too far then you need to make it to the amusement park in the morning. If you don’t have admission tickets to the park yet then you will need to purchase them at the front gate. I recommend buying your admission tickets online at the Wonderland website though, since they offer discounts for making a purchase online.


wonderlandThe amusement park is split up into little areas which are designated for certain age groups. When you arrive to the park make sure you grab a map so you can find out where everything is located. Some of the areas of the park consist of KidZville, Hannah-Barbera Land and Splash Works. There are plenty of large roller coasters for the enthusiasts including Top Gun, The Bat and The Dragon. Another one of the most thrilling rides in the park is Drop Zone which is a ride where you’re elevated straight up into the air and then released at a rapid speed down to the ground. There is over 100 acres of rides in the park which everyone can enjoy including such rides as spinning buckets, bumper cars, behemoth, Minebuster and many others. Wonderland also has a 20+ acre Waterpark which is full of both small and big waterslides so that the entire family can enjoy the area. There is also a massive wave pool which is really fun for the older children and adults. When it’s time to relax for an hour or two you can take in one of the many live shows which include gymnastics, diving and live entertainment.


Since you’re most likely going to spend the entire day and night at Wonderland you and the family are going to need to eat. The locations in Wonderland are rather expensive so if this is an issue you will want to leave the park and go across the street. There are several restaurants and fast food restaurants across the street from the park which you can too. If you eat in the park some of your options include Pizza Pizza, Mr. Sub, Manchu Wok, The Marketplace, International Buffet, Diary Queen and a lot more.


Wonderland doesn’t have any hotels on site which is a shame because a lot of the people who visit the amusement park are tourists. They understand that a lot of their visitors are tourists though, and you’ll be able to receive hotel vouchers from numerous hotels in the area. You will need to just present your Wonderland day passes at the hotel you choose on arrival. There are well over a dozen hotels where you can stay that have connections with Wonderland and you can view all of the options on the Wonderland website.

If your family vacation takes you to the Toronto area this summer, consider booking a day (or two) at Canada’s Wonderland.

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