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Canadian Family Vacation Resorts – Mont Tremblant

Canadian Family Vacation Resorts – Mont Tremblant


mont_tremblant_villageMont Tremblant in Quebec is most famously known for having one of the best mountains in Canada for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. However, over the past decade or so Mt. Tremblant has grown into a 365 day tourist hotspot with plenty of activities for the family during both the winter and summer months. We’re going to go through a little bit of information which will guide you through deciding whether or not Tremblant is the next vacation spot for you now.


Whether you’re driving or flying Tremblant is one of the most accessible areas to reach as it’s in a central location to most of Canada. The Trudeau International Airport is only about an hour and a half drive away from Tremblant and anyone in the world can access this airport. If you are flying then you’ll be able to rent a car or truck from the airport so that you can drive out to Tremblant.

Winter Activities

Tremblant is most busy during the winter months and this is because of the World Class skiing and snowboarding experience you can enjoy here. There are almost 100 runs at Tremblant with 13 operational lifts. You will also be able to enjoy acres upon acres of the best rails, ramps, halfpipes and a superpipe. Some of the other activities that you can enjoy while in Tremblant during the winter include snowshoeing, skating, curling, cross country skiing, ice climbing, dogsledding, horseback riding, sleigh rides, helicopter tours, tubing, snowmobiling, paintball and many other fun things for the family.

Summer Activities

As I mentioned earlier Tremblant has grown into quite the summer tourist spot over the years and this is because of the unlimited list of activities for families. Some of the activities you’ll be able to enjoy with your family include a gondola ride, Waterpark, tennis, golf, mini-golf, luge, bicycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting, bungee trampoline, paintball, hiking, climbing, fishing, bird show, boat cruises, ATV rides, helicopter tours and so much more.

Adult Activities

After a day in the snow or in the sun depending on when you visit Tremblant most parents will want a little time to themselves so that they can unwind. Tremblant offers several great activities for adults including a great nightlife atmosphere with several busy clubs and a casino. Casino de Mont Tremblant was recently built and it allows adults to have some fun trying to win some money. You can reach the casino through a bus shuttle or a gondola ride.

Accommodations & Dining

Tremblant isn’t a small area by any means and you will have a wide array of options when it comes to where you want to stay and eat. With tons of hotels, motels and resorts in Tremblant you can have your pick at anything you want so that it meets your budget. I would advise visiting the Official Tremblant website if you’re planning a trip because they have lots of deals and packages for families. You should be able to plan your entire vacation on the website while keeping costs to a minimum.

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