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Canada’s Best Sporting Events

Canada’s Best Sporting Events


Alongside its amazing landscapes and its multiple festivals, Canada is a country where many sports amateurs can live their passion. Being close to the American market, it has a lot of potential to host world-class sporting events and it does not hesitate to do so, some of them generating more than a hundred million dollars in economic returns for the country. If you come from far away, which of them should you absolutely see? Here are three of the most interesting sporting events in the country.

The Canadian Grand Prix

canadian-grand-prix-montrealFormula 1 is a racing league that draws a lot of attention in many different countries. This event is an epitome of luxury and jet-set: many international stars gather during this event and go to the city’s most exclusive parties. The race takes place on Île Notre-Dame, an island nearby Montreal that is very appreciated by cyclists and sprinters. The island also hosts many other high profile races such as Napa Auto Parts 200 and a Nascar race.

The Montreal Grand Prix is known by amateurs for its unforgiving track, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. It is one of the hardest tracks on the circuit and many F1 champions have crashed during the event, including Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. It promises a fierce competition each and every year.

Different companies rival during the time of the Grand Prix to benefit from the many tourists that flow through Montreal. Different for example, are offered to allow the richest fans to party with famous racers, visit the paddocks and have a champagne open bar. Montreal’s hottest nightclubs also compete to be advertised on tourism websites in order to attract the nightlife aficionados.

In 2013, the Montreal Grand Prix will take place from June 7th to June 9th.

The Calgary Stampede

You’ll have a hard time finding any similar event in Canada: during ten days, the world’s best cowboys will meet and compete in a variety of competitions culminating in over 1 million dollar in prize. The Stampede was produced by Guy Weadick in 1912: since then, it has been a tradition that has shaped the city of Calgary itself. The most famous competition is definitely the rodeo: the goal of this crazy challenge will be to ride a bull and stay on back for the longest time possible. It is a dangerous fight between a man and a raging beast. Even though animal rights’ defenders have often complained about rodeos, it is still, as of today, the main event. Other competitions include a rangeland derby.

Many musical performances will also take place on site. In 2013, the legendary band Kiss, the Dixie Chicks and Tim McGraw, a famous actor and a country music icon, will perform on stage in front of an explosive crowd. Other grandiose events as well as educational activities for kids are scheduled to take place.

In 2013, the Calgary Stampede will take place from July 5th to July 14th.

The Grey Cup

Most American football fans in North America will recognize that the AFL is the most competitive league in the world. However, Canadian fans still are very proud each year to witness the fight between the country’s strongest football teams. More than 4 million Canadians will watch the TV broadcast every year and about 100 000 visitors attend the game and the different activities surrounding the event. Tailgates, concerts and different festivals will also take place preceding the Big Game. Even a Beauty Pageant contest used to take place during the festivals, even though it doesn’t happen anymore.

In 2013, the Grey Cup will take place from November 20th to November 24th in Regina.

As you can see, Canada vibrates to the rhythm of sporting events every year. When Canadian teams reach the Stanley Cup finals, you can also feel the special energy in the country’s cities. If you are also a sports’ aficionado, do not miss your chance to visit the country during one of these competitions, you would miss an amazing experience!

Charles Bernard is a proud Canadian that loves traveling around the world. He also blogs for the company Formula Tour, a worldwide provider of Formula One Montreal packages for racing fans.

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